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Commercial Intrusion Alarms

Atlantic Alarm & Sound is a leader in the security industry with over 20 years of experience installing and servicing integrated security systems. Our clients include large corporations with multiple sites, as well as large and small single-site businesses, hospitals, airports, universities, industrial sites and many more.

Intrusion alarm systems include the installation of devices such as motion detectors, door and window contacts, glassbreak detectors, temperature sensors, water level detectors, smoke detectors, or panic buttons. Our security systems can be further enhanced by adding cameras, access control equipment, or 24-hour monitoring of your location. Atlantic Alarm & Sound can custom design your system to meet your specific requirements. One of our security advisors will survey your facility and meet with security personnel to determine your needs and prepare a solution that will allow you to feel secure that your business, assets and employees are protected at all times.

When choosing a company to install a security system that will help protect your family or business for years to come, what questions should you ask to achieve the level of comfort that you need?

It is important to choose an alarm company that has been in business for several years, and is a member of professional associations such as CANASA (Canadian Alarm & Security Association) and ULC (Underwriters Laboratories of Canada). Also, if you are purchasing your system on a monthly payment plan, ask if you will own your system 100% at the end of the term. Finally, if you intend to subscribe to a 24-hour monitoring service, ask what company performs the monitoring service and where they are located. Local, bilingual, monitoring service can make a difference in response time in an emergency situation.

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Fire extinguishers should be kept at readily available locations near potential fire sources (furnaces and stoves) and also near employee work areas.

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