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Conference Systems

An audio conference system is an economical solution for small or large delegate gatherings where effective and controlled communications management is needed. Council chambers, municipal offices, government facilities, hotels and conference centers can benefit from having a controlled audio system.

A variety of operation configurations are possible through digital control of the floor units. For informal gatherings, a basic “open” configuration will give all delegates access to the floor to speak. A more structured meeting may be designed to limit the number of active microphones, to limit the delegates speaking time or to maintain requests to speak in queue based on a chronological order and priority status can be assigned to each floor unit. The system is capable of 16 simultaneous interpreted languages, voting functions and it cam be fully integrated with touch screen PC management software, camera control and visual aids.


Join or start a business watch group with neighboring businesses. This is a great way to stay informed on risks in your local area and prevent crime through awareness.

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