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Digital Messaging

Digital messaging systems can be used to incorporate both graphics and audio elements into displays in the interpretive and exhibit industries. Atlantic Alarm & Sound carries a line of products which are easily managed and controlled with very little expertise. Messages can be changed easily by on-site staff, with no special skills or training required. Music and lighting effects can be used to set the mood for displays, while the human voice adds emotion and impact.

Attractive, contemporary styling of podium-style displays fits easily into any location, whether it is on it's own or as an integral part of a larger design, both indoors and outside. Displays can be set for continuous activated by a variety of methods including motion detectors, coin slots and more.

Some applications for digital messaging solutions include:

  • Background Ambiance
  • Interactive Exhibits
  • Curator's Insights
  • Sound Scapes
  • Sound Effects
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Interpretation
  • Background Music
  • Advertising
  • Tour/ Trail/ Wayside Info
  • "In Character" voices
  • Q & A quizzes

Whether it's discrete components or complete display systems, our broad range of exhibit audio products have been designed to meet your needs.


Post your address number clearly and keep it well-lit at night. This will help the police respond to an emergency or assist in the reporting of one.

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