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Door Access Systems

Standard lock and key security systems are no longer adequate for today’s security needs. The biggest weakness of this type of security system is the key. One key, readily duplicated can give anyone access to your building, and the process of re-keying locks every time a key is lost, stolen or duplicated is time consuming and costly.

An access control system is an effective and affordable solution to your security problems. Access control systems have the versatility to protect your property and your employees 24 hours a day, year round, with a level of protection that lock and key security systems cannot match. Access control systems have many applications beyond the replacement of lock and key systems. They may include parking and vehicle control, time management, optical turnstiles, elevator control, mantraps, alarm detection and more.

Atlantic Alarm & Sound's access control systems ensure a high level of customized security. We tailor our systems to your requirements to offer both user convenience and a flexible hardware structure.

  • Axiom V - provides more system features for larger scale installations
  • Axiom Lite - provides a technologically advanced integrated access control/security system for small scale installations
  • Axiom SafeSuite - has been designed for condominium and hotel living
  • Readers and cards - Atlantic Alarm & Sound supports all major reader technologies
  • Locks, Power Supplies & Exit Devices - Atlantic Alarm & Sound supports all major types

Fire extinguishers should be kept at readily available locations near potential fire sources (furnaces and stoves) and also near employee work areas.

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