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Door Monitoring

Atlantic Alarm & Sound offers door monitoring systems which include a variety of components for remote control of doors or system monitoring.

Applications include:

  • Pushbutton control for internal and external doors
  • Vehicle access gates
  • Monitoring system status

These units can be highly configurable to meet custom specifications, and are available with any combination of momentary action pushbuttons, maintained action pushbuttons, toggle switches, or LED's required for specific applications.

Touch Screen Annunciators are available to simplify your security monitoring needs by combining custom graphics with touchscreen technology. Custom graphics and floor plans are programmable to meet your facility requirements.

This type of system allows you to monitor your property 24 hours a day to detect approaching vehicles, customers, visitors, or employees and to monitor your premises. It can be used to count incoming/outgoing traffic, and graphical annunciators can display zones, partitions, and system events, providing critical information for operating and emergency service personnel.


Install smoke detectors that are monitored by a ULC Listed Central Monitoring Station on every floor of your business.

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