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Emergency Call Systems

In the unsafe world that we live in today, many of us feel the need for increased safety and security for the peace of mind of patrons, visitors, and members of the community on both private and public property. Atlantic Alarm & Sound has recognized the need to address the growing need for security solutions which integrate interactive voice with other common security technologies.


  • Parking Lots & Garages
  • Institutions
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Public Parks
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Retail areas

Among others, our Emergency Call Systems offer two major benefits:

High Visibility, because awareness of security is a critical element of any complete solution, and interactive voice is a primary security technology capable of providing benefits which no other security technology can provide.

Our emergency response systems offer customers a level of incident deterrence and management that provides a long list of benefits including:

  • Reduced expense for costly patrolling of difficult areas
  • Reduced liability exposure
  • Increased sales through increased customer traffic
  • Increased enrollment based on a safe environment
  • Increased productivity through employee comfort

From this foundation, Atlantic Alarm & Sound carries a line of products from manufacturers who have become industry leaders in the area of interactive voice security systems. Through innovation, they have developed a set of communication devices and system components which provide a wide range of customers with solutions that are powerful, flexible, cost effective, and durable.

The Benefits of Interactive Voice

There is no method by which people can communicate more effectively and quickly than by the use of the spoken language. In an emergency situation, quick and effective communication becomes a life and death matter. This is why we use interactive voice as the backbone of our emergency call system solutions. Interactive voice provides security personnel with the fastest possible method of identifying and verifying an emergency situation and the ability to respond accordingly.

Interactive voice provides the patrons with the ability to gain tangible, interactive feedback in a crisis situation. The use of other security measures alone cannot offer instant verification of an emergency situation in the way that only interactive voice can.

High Visibility

Providing security to customers, patrons and other visitors to your facility is no easy task. There are two methods of security:

  1. reactive/inconspicuous and
  2. active/highly visible.

Reactive security, via such methods as stand-alone CCTV cameras, may document criminal activity but is often inconspicuous and doesn't always completely deter such activities. Highly visible security methods such as security personnel and prominently located interactive security systems put the control in the hands of the patrons and instills an awareness of safety.

The addition of these highly visible security devices makes a statement to the facility's patrons and employees about the importance of their safety and security, and it lets the would-be criminal know that the area is well secured.


Post your address number clearly and keep it well-lit at night. This will help the police respond to an emergency or assist in the reporting of one.

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