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Industrial Lifeline System

Many industrial and commercial applications require notification that an employee has succumbed to a threat or environmental hazard. Lifeline systems (also known as Panic Alarms, Man Down Alarm Systems, Duress Systems, or Personal Emergency Response Systems) provide wireless pendants that will notify the appropriate emergency response personnel should the employee become injured or unconscious.

They are available as hardwired systems, wireless, or a combination of the two. In the case of a wireless emergency call system, each personal wireless transmitter is continuously monitored for both low battery and operational readiness.

Applications include corrections facilities, environmentally hazardous area emergency call systems, industrial site duress alarms, psychiatric facilities, and many more.

A man down alarm system feature is available that activates a man down alarm if the wireless pendant assumes a horizontal position. Optionally, man down system pendants may be equipped with a high security pull chain that activates the man down pendant should an attempt be made to forcibly remove it from the person carrying it.

Locators may be placed in strategic locations such as hallways, gathering rooms, parking lots, garages, or anywhere that a situation of duress may occur. Staff may be located or "tracked" at any time if the facility is equipped with locators.

The system is capable of automatically announcing emergency call alarms by computer generated voice to hand held radios. It can also output to telephones, pagers, email, fax and central monitoring station digital receivers.


Make sure that each area has an alternative escape route in case the first is inaccessible.

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