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Infant Abduction

Infant protection systems can provide an effective and reliable deterrent against abduction of infants. The combinations of tamper-proof infant tags with integrated receivers throughout the facility define safe areas while exit doors from the safe areas are equipped with monitors. A computer console displays a floor plan of the safe area with all the exits marked. The infant’s tag is automatically activated when it is secured to the child’s ankle or wrist. The computer automatically alerts staff of the newly activated tag, and pertinent information can be entered on the newly tagged infant. Tagged infants can move freely throughout the safe area and will only cause an alarm if brought through an alarmed door, which will be displayed at the console. A second tag worn by the parent will ensure they are the right child. The infant's tag and the parent's tag must electronically match or an alarm will be generated.


All telephone lines should enter the building underground to protect the integrity of the monitored alarm system.

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