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Nurse Call Systems

Our Nurse Call Systems were developed for hospitals and health care facilities with a goal to deliver quality patient care. For the nurse, easy-to-use operations with flexible communication and automatic call routing. For the biomedical staff, simplified wiring and modular design with built in self-diagnostics for ease of maintenance and expansion. For the nurse manager, simplicity of use with staff locating and management software for analyzing important information. For the patient, fast response and peace of mind.

Responder 5000 System The Responder 5000 is a feature-rich nursecall system which meets the needs and budget of today's hospitals and long term care facilities. The 5000 offers features and upgradability more commonly found in much more expensive systems. Pocket Paging, Wireless Telephones and Management Software are a few upgradeable features available to meet your facility's needs.

Responder 5 System The Responder 5 is an integrated full-feature nursecall system designed for hospitals offering the latest capabilities in wireless technology, patient information (HL-7), management softwares, personal/asset tracking and networking. The system works in conjuction with traditional communication vehicles, such as bed stations and nurse consoles. With Responder 5000, hospital staff can reach each other, attend to patients, and respond to outside calls anywhere in the hospital.


Install smoke detectors that are monitored by a ULC Listed Central Monitoring Station on every floor of your business.

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