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Outdoor Perimeter Protection

Keeping unauthorized people out of restricted areas is a key element of security. However, just as unauthorized people come in all shapes and sizes, so do the restricted areas they are trying to breach. There are many types of perimeter protection, as the definition of perimeter is a broad one. Perimeter protection can involve securing a wide tract of land, the immediate area surrounding a building or other facility, or the building or unit itself.

For wide areas and their facilities, products used to secure grounds include buried cable, CCTV surveillance systems, both visible and covert sensors, and electronic security fences. Products are used as deterrents for intrusion and also as detection systems. Perimeter protection systems are not inherently designed to stop people from gaining access, but to detect people entering areas that are off-limits, and then to let security staff or local authorities take appropriate action.

Outdoor perimeter security systems have been installed at many security-sensitive sites across a broad range of applications and markets. These field-proven systems protect military and government compounds, transportation centers, correctional institutions, critical utility sites and industrial facilities around the globe.

Outdoor Perimeter Security Systems may consist of Fence Detection Systems to detect cutting and climbing attempts, Buried Cable Detection Systems for the highest security applications, or Outdoor Infrared Sensors to provide an undetectable protection field.

Our experienced staff will assess your project specifications and site parameters to develop a system that offers maximum reliability and cost efficiency. We can design your system to interface seamlessly with existing equipment or provide complete, turnkey perimeter security solutions.


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