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Professional sound systems can be custom-built to meet your needs, whether you require background music for a restaurant, a retail store, or an airport - or a sound system for a House of Worship or sports facility.

For hospitality service providers, first impressions are everything. Acoustics are a crucial part of any ambience where comfort and relaxation are key. The right sound system ensures that background music is evenly distributed and clearly heard, enhancing the overall experience of your patrons. As well, pleasing background acoustics are very important to the retail environment. The longer customers linger in your store, the more likely your sales will increase.

The entertainment experience delivered in leading sports facilities around the world depends on good sound, and for corporate applications, clear communication is crucial to business success for the smallest enterprise and the largest international corporation. Integrated sound and control systems contribute to your bottom line by supporting effective communications and efficient information exchange.

Our products range from digital amplifiers, speakers, mixers, and wireless microphone systems to digital processors used in sound reinforcement systems. Atlantic Alarm & Sound can help by designing the most suitable sound system for your needs

Whether it is for a courtroom, educational facility, theatre, or meeting room, Atlantic Alarm & Sound can provide assistive listening devices specific to your needs.

Hotels, conference centers, conventions, corporate meeting rooms – all have the challenge of catering to large businesses and groups that speak multiple languages. In addition to providing language interpretation services, they also need to be able to provide hearing assistance, especially with the growing demand to meet new government accessibility requirements.

Fortunately, new infrared technology has evolved to meet the needs of both hearing assistance and language translation, simultaneously. As a result, the participants improve their overall hearing and communication experience and venues improve their overall accommodations and retain customer satisfaction.

In courtroom applications, in order for a judge to be fair and impartial when communicating to the participants of a courtroom, it is essential that the judge's message can be heard by all - including those participants who have a hearing disability, or those who do not speak the court's native language. Infrared Listening Systems are designed for such purposes.

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Keep building and parking area well lit at night to deter intruders and ensure employee safety. Additionally, consider installing motion sensor lighting.

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