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Time & Attendance Systems

Relieve your accounting personnel of the time-consuming task of computing employee payable hours with state-of-the-art automated time and attendance systems from Atlantic Alarm & Sound.

Employees punch in and out with the use of credit card style badges, proximity cards, or even biometric readers. The system automatically calculates total hours worked, including overtime, sick time, and personal time off, and this information is transferred to an easy-to-use Windows based software. Payroll data can be printed to reports from your PC and interfaced directly into your payroll software.

Our systems take care of the time consuming and error-prone process of tracking time and attendance so you don't have to, and powerful custom report designers allow managers to track employee details, employee hours, department totals, period totals, absenteeism, attendance, monthly activity, missing punches, emergency contacts, and employee pay rates with ease.


Fire extinguishers should be kept at readily available locations near potential fire sources (furnaces and stoves) and also near employee work areas.

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